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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea


In striking contrast to these early dwellings was Montpelier, the estate built for General Henry Knox by Boston housewright Ebenezer Dunton in 1795. This mansion was considered to be one of the finest of its kind at the time of its construction.

Indenture for Ebenezer Dunton, April 7, 1794
Indenture for Ebenezer Dunton, April 7, 1794Item Contributed by
Maine Historical Society

The use of a classic oval-on-axis design is believed to have been influenced by Boston born architect Charles Bullfinch. Bullfinch’s travels to Europe in the late 18th century acquainted him with the Scottish architect Robert Adams, who popularized the Adamesque style that used elements found in classical Greek architecture. This elegant mansion was a home fit for royalty.