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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea

About Us

Text by Brian Sylvester

The Thomaston team began meeting to discuss the Maine Community Heritage Project (MCHP) in March of 2008. A small group of dedicated volunteers and professionals was formed, who could bring an array of different backgrounds and specialties to the project. Historians, researchers, librarians, teachers and students have all combined their skills to produce a single historical artifact which can tell the story of our town. Representatives from four different organizations form Thomaston's MCHP group.

The Georges Valley High School is located in downtown Thomaston and serves children from the MSAD 50 district (comprising Cushing, Thomaston and St. George). Two classes of students are working to produce exhibits: one on oral histories of the Great Depression, and one on the Civil War.

The Thomaston Historical Society, a volunteer organization, relies entirely on donations to collect, document and preserve Thomaston's rich history. The Historical Society is producing exhibits on shipbuilding, the Maine State Prison, and the historical architecture of Thomaston.

The General Henry Knox Museum, located at the intersection of U.S. Route 1 and ME Route 131, is home to a growing collection of artifacts from the life and times of Major General Henry Knox. The Knox Museum is producing an exhibit on Major General Henry Knox’s many business and civic ventures in Thomaston.

The Thomaston Public Library is the fourth member of Thomaston's group. Located in the Thomaston Academy Building, the library was recently renovated and continues to expand its collection of historical books and documents about the state of Maine and the town of Thomaston.