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Shipbuilding Today

Today Thomaston continues to ride on the cutting edge of boatbuilding technology. A continuance of the former Charles A. Morse Boatbuilding Co. established in 1912, Lyman Morse Boatbuilding Co. is well known in the custom-boatbuilding world, and continues to produce a line of high-end boats, which uphold Thomaston’s reputation of quality-made vessels.

As a new business venture, the firm currently produces solar-powered generators designed for, among other things, disaster relief, a project based on experience and expertise from years of boatbuilding.

Town Seal, Thomaston, Maine
Town Seal, Thomaston, Maine
Thomaston Historical Society

Of the over 100 workers at the yard, most have made a lifetime career of fine boat building, some of whom are third, fourth and fifth generation shipwrights and custom boat builders. They continue to validate the Town Seal and to uphold Thomaston’s reputation as a builder of world-renowned vessels.

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